So I have this boyfriend.. Hahaha, i know it’s baaad to start writting with ‘so’ 😛

I’m in my so-called youth. I study languages, I’m a little bit short, I live in a flat wiht my parents and brother.  I do not work, so I’m everyday broke~  Just an ordinary poor student ;P As a normal, healthy girl, I’m chasing after boys from time to time. I’m also an asian freak, and I’m not ashemed of it, it’s just what I like~ Everybody can like/love whatever  they want to. I’m just more after asian boys that caucasian. And, yes, I’m european.

Which asian country is my favourite? It’s not hard to guess.. I love Korea  (South, of course;D) and I can die right away if somebody will bring me kimchi *o* Sometimes I think that I’m more in love with eating korean dishes than in music or boys, hehe. But yes, I love music~ also singing (but I’m horrible in that).  But besides all asian stuff, I just love my computer and everything what i need to be happy is working without any problems photoshop (that’s why I need to buy more RAM for my baby) and big playlist on my foobar. My love to computers is that big, that every time when somebody from my friends need help with their pc, i’m in rush, hehe. It’s kinda nice to be helpfull, only because I’m spending too much time on my computer.

But I started this post writting something about a boyfriend, right?

I’m in a big crisis right now. Cause I don’t know what I actually want.  I always wanted to have a korean bf. And now I’m in relationship with one. It’s a weird relationship for me. I’m not used to it, and I’m looking at it with totally different experiance.. All my bf’s was normal (XD) european, acting different than my current one.

So what I mean? He’s not writting to me everyday. It’s even a holiday when I get text from him. He’s acting cool with his friends, and sensitive with me. He likes to take me for a beer and then he’s very shy (probably because of surrounding and european ppl) and it’s hard for him to kiss me in public, but he’s all into it when we’re alone. He wants me to keep it all as a secret, beause that’s what korean do.. probably;d

But he’s cute and sweet. And sometimes very manly~ hahaha~


2 Responses to “Nhất~”

  1. Snoie Says:

    Hey. Didn’t know you write Vietnamese. Wow. Surprised that you aren’t Vietnamese. Lol. Wow. Lucky girl to have a Korean bf. ^^ Where I live there’s none. ^O^

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