Dreams come true..?

Everybody dream about something, and almost everybody remember these dreams, for short or long time. In my case, I remember almost every dream I had, and if it’s very stupid/nice/interesting/creepy.. I will remember it for a very long time~  I can think about something I dreamed when I was 13 or 14.. That’s odd ;p But that’s me, haha.

Yesterday I had a drem which includes a few different stories.  First one I can think about now, is that I was in love with my ex-boyfriend.. very very ex one. He’s very tall and I’m kinda short, so we always looked funny together. This time he was carrying me, haha. And we met our friend (whith whom I was going to primary school). There was a small talk, but not important.

Later we were in some  library. Big, old, with so many regals.. everything was smelling so old but nice~just dust and books. I don’t know why but somehow everybody was eating cookies there, and I wanted to eat them too~ I was looking for theme so hard, and suddenly I changed my location again.

Then I was on a bridge. There were plenty of creatures.. and some super heroes.. lol;d and suddenly I drop my bag to water.. i wanted it back, because i had something very important (quan trong XD) inside, and I almost started to cry~

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that sometimes I really can’t understand my freaky dreams XP


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