Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Tonight 가슴이 아파~

에~  네 가슴이 마니 아파.. ;/

Tím của em đầu nhiều quá~ ;/

So what is it all about?

My love-life is dead. I had to many romaces so far and I feel a little bit dizzy. Last year I was whinning about how boring and empty is my life, no excitment, no boys, no fun.. And now what? I wanna escape from everything, from boys, from stupidity~ Ah, just left me alone.

My k bf left me alone and now he act like I was just a flirt, without any feelings~  My next v romance was a mistake also, because now he’s acting like he doesn’t know me, and even deleted me from fb friend’s list, lol. Just give me a break!!!


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