And when you feel that you might be alone.. You start to cry, you start to look for someone who may comfort you.

But in the end you know that all of this is just your imagination. You have many people in your life, people who love you, or at least like you. They are not just a human beings, they actually care about you somehow.

Then you will say, that you need a lover. Someone who will be here for you always, anytime. But you have one.

You just need to open your eyes to see it…

Yes, maybe now he’s sleeping, maybe now he’s just doing some other things.. but he definitely loves you. He said it yesterday, a thousand times. He said it today, even more times that yesterday. He loves you more and more with every pasing day.. So what more do you want?

Ai yeu em? Anh ay yeu… rat nhieu!

Em biet ma. Vay sao mai hoi a?


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