wrong oi wrong…

Why some people are accusing us for something we didn’t do?

I don’t get that.. I thought that my life wasn’t that simple, i had many fights with my parents and back then i thought my life is miserable. Lol, that’s kinda funny now. Thinking about my youth time  (no, i’m not that old yet:P) i think my life was kinda easy, hahaha. When i was madly in love with my first real boyfriend, I had one big rproblem.. – he was living about 5h by bus from my city… And guess what, my parents, after many disscusions let me go there.. and yup,  i was like 15 at that time. Crazy? Yeaaaa.. When I’m thinking about that now, I know that I would never let my 15years old daughter to take a ride by bus and go visit her boyfriend.. NO WAY.

But back that time, I was thinking how ooold and how resposible I’m.  Everytime my parents deny sth, didn’t let me go somewhere.. i was pissed like hell, claiming how brutal is this life, and how stupid my parents are to lock me in the house. Of course I wasn’t locked up, haha.

Now I’m about  7years older and smarter. And I don’t think that I’m an adult yet. Just more resposible person 😛 Again I’m madly with love with someone. Again this person lives far away from me.. maybe not 5h but still far enough to make me sad.

You think, that now it should be so easy for me, because I’m older, I don’t have to really ask anybody for permission, and I can earn money for what i want… But what if it’s not me who has the problem? My boyfriend’s family is just stupid. I shouldn’t think or say that, but that’s what i feel right now. They trully can’t understand him, they don’t even try to!! Just telling him what he should do.. “go to work” “study more” “drop studies” “give us your money” … Grrrrfff.. I’m pissed off sooo bad about that. I can’t do anything for him, even can’t hug him when i want he needs this…

I don’t know his family, and for now I don’t even want that.. I’m scaried that I would be so angry when meet them 😐

Oi wrong… everything is wrong… 😦


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