Cuoc song la lam

Em van khong hieu gi ca.. 😐
Gan day em gap mot con trai rat thong minh, anh ay rat vui, noi nhieu lam, lam viec nhieu lam.. Khi em noi chuyen voi anh ay thi em rat vui, em khong nho ve van de.. chi co cuoi to nhat
Nhung em co nguoi yeu, em co tinh yeu.. em ko the lam nhu vay, phai xong nay, eh…..
em phai lam gi? :((


7 Responses to “Cuoc song la lam”

  1. Snoie Says:

    May I ask if you are emyeuVpop on vietchannel?
    I was curious cause her name kinda reminds me of you. Lol. How’s ur life going? 😀

    • aiyeuem Says:

      hey 😉 I’m reading vietchannel often, but there i’m also using “aiyeuem” :))
      I’m glad that you like to read my blog, even if i’m not writting here too often:P
      Can you tell me what do you think about my vietnamese?^^

  2. Snoie Says:

    Lol. Btw, I think your blog is very interesting. To me it seems like I’m reading a story! Very interesting indeed! Dont mind me reading your blog do ya???

  3. Snoie Says:

    Your viet is awesome! Better than the kids here. Actually a majority can’t write or speak viet here. Keep going! Don’t give up on life. Listen to your heart and do what is right. Have a happy day! 🙂

    • aiyeuem Says:

      wow, i’m so glad 😉
      where are you living if people can’t speak vnse?:P

      • Snoie Says:

        I’m live in the US n majority of kids here speaks English eventhough they are viet. They adapt to the US lifestyle and most don’t even bother with viet. Well, not unless their parents force them to learn. I know two kids here who can’t speak viet properly. But this is the US. Lol. 😀

    • aiyeuem Says:

      actually, the same is here, in Poland.
      I know some vietnamese teenagers here, and some of them don’t use vietnamese or can speak but don’t know how to write… lolz
      it was funny for me, when i asked my friend for help with finding suitable word to my essay, and she wrote it plain.. i mean without using any tone marks etc. i asked her how can i know how to write it if this is a new word to me, and she couldn’t help me at all :PP
      i know they have one school for kids, only 3 grades, where they can learn how to write and read, but not every vns kid is going there:)
      i think the biggest problem have kids from mixed families, if the dad is vns and mum is polish, they don’t speak a word in vns, cuz usually dad is too busy with work.. ehh, i just wish that if i had foreigner as a husband, my kids would be bilingual :))

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