When you think you are right…

It’s often like that when you think that you are 100% right in some matter. But actually you are really wrong.

I have it really often lately.. I feel bad about it, because all what i do is just hurting myself and my love.. ;/ I don’t wanna do this anymore, but it’s just like that, flipping..

Sao em khong the cam tinh tot ngay hang? Sao em phai lam do rat ngu? Sao em chi ngoc qua, va khong the thay su that…???! Huh, em khong biet lam gi.. ;( Em co gang rat nhieu, nhung gi ca chi khong de cho em ;(

Em yeu nguoi yeu em rat nhieu, va nguoi yeu em cung yeu em vay, em biet ma. Nhung em chi ko the tim ra… co le  day la vi sao em lam do rat ngoc, huh. Em cam thay la ;| Em ko the tim, vi em so qua! ;(((

Em that yeu anh ay.. that lam!!!!


5 Responses to “When you think you are right…”

  1. Snoie Says:

    I have a blog on wordpress. But don’t have anything interesting in my life to write about. So yeah. It’s left blank. Your life sounds really interesting. Well, I hope your love life is ok. Bye and you sure can write in Vietnamese for a European gal. ^^ You make me, a Viet gal, feel so ashamed for not being able to write with accent marks in Vietnamese. Need to study more Viet. Lol.

  2. aiyeuem Says:

    Wow, do u think my vietnamese is understanable?:P I just write what i have in my mind, often don’t even think abt right gramma.. and when I write just likt that i don’t care abt writting with marks 😛 But it’s really simple 😉

    You should write just anything! I often write just abt nothing.. hahaha:P

    • Snoie Says:

      Yup. Your vietnamese is totally understandable. When writing in Vietnamese, I’m not too worry about grammar. Its more of word choices, I think. Yeah, writing without the accent marks are easier. I will write sumt, soon. Hopefully. Lol. Might want to make a new wordpress account or sumt. Lol.

      • aiyeuem Says:

        hehe, u don’t have to think abt gramma when write vnmese, cause u’r vietnamese:DD

        and i’m happy that my vietnamese is okay ;D cause i’m second year student ^^”

  3. Snoie Says:

    Oh. Yeah. I guess that makes sense. Lol. Wow. If I was to go back to Viet school, I have to start out as a 1st grade student. Lol. You must be pretty smart to be able to learn 3 languages! ^^

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